The Time Tutor – Bee Ridgway



As promised, a review of the prequel to River of No Return. In the review of the main book, I alluded to a character I hadn’t liked very much in the series and being glad that she hadn’t made many appearances. This prequel surrounds her story. At first I was wary about it for this reason, but eager enough for more in the world Ridgway was building that I jumped on reading it (in one sitting!) anyway. The result was a good one: I became much more interested in said character, and find her story much more compelling now. I look forward to learning more about her whenever we get that sequel we’re being promised.

Another full five stars for Ridgway.

Find my original (though short) review below.

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River of No Return – Bee Ridgway

Sorry for the radio silence the past week, everyone; I’ve been doing things around town now that I’m home for the summer and haven’t been online very much lately. To make up for it, today I’m going to post a better (as in higher rated) review than I have been!

Bee Ridgway’s River of No Return came out in 2013 and I was lucky enough to receive an ARC for review, courtesy of Goodreads’ First Reads program. It was my very first ARC from Goodreads, so I was excited and jumped on it when it came in… and I loved it. It was a great experience that earned it a full five stars and I’ve been eagerly awaiting more in this universe since I finished it. (I’ll post my review of the prequel soon.)


Find an updated version of my original review below.

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Free Comic Book Day


Good afternoon everyone!  It’s Free Comic Book Day today, so if your local shop is still open and you haven’t gone yet, you should definitely pay a visit. You can find which comics are being offered this year online. I’m heading out in costume to the big city for the day, because why not! (Yes, the above photo is me.)

In honour of the day, I’ll be doing a quick recommendation post for my favourite graphic novels. I’m mostly in a niche when it comes to comic reading, but here are a few I’ve really loved!

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