For Today I Am A Boy – Kim Fu

Sorry for the absence, everyone! I’m actually in Sweden right now, visiting a friend. There are other reasons for my absence, but let’s call that the main one.

Without further ado–a review of For Today I Am A Boy by Kim Fu. Highly recommended at five stars.


Wow. Just wow.

I started crying in the last few pages, and I have been on the verge of tears since. This was a beautiful book, it really was. It was heartfelt and sweet and tragic. There were so many wonderful, touching moments, and so many moments of hurt.

I think what’s important to note is that, while the main character is Trans, that is not ultimately what this book is about. It’s crucial to the story, absolutely, it’s extremely important and it undercuts every moment, every dialogue. But it’s about more than that, too.

It’s about loneliness.

While Peter’s story is the central one, the one we follow, hers is not the only one we know. All three of her sisters suffer, for various reasons. Their parents, especially their mother. It’s a book about isolation and feeling trapped– in your marriage, in your town, in your job, in your body.

And it’s a book about people reaching out to each other. Not always successfully, but there is friendship and family and support. Sometimes that support is misguided or hurts more than it helps.

Sometimes people can be wonderful and kind. Sometimes they can be terrible. And while this book has its flaws– as some people have noted, it can sometimes be hard to follow exactly when we are– ultimately it was a beautiful book.

This review was originally posted on Goodreads.


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