The Time Tutor – Bee Ridgway



As promised, a review of the prequel to River of No Return. In the review of the main book, I alluded to a character I hadn’t liked very much in the series and being glad that she hadn’t made many appearances. This prequel surrounds her story. At first I was wary about it for this reason, but eager enough for more in the world Ridgway was building that I jumped on reading it (in one sitting!) anyway. The result was a good one: I became much more interested in said character, and find her story much more compelling now. I look forward to learning more about her whenever we get that sequel we’re being promised.

Another full five stars for Ridgway.

Find my original (though short) review below.

I cannot believe I got my greedy little hands on an advanced copy of this (thank you so much, Penguin and Netgalley!).

I was a little bit wary at first, if only because Alva was easily my least favourite character in the original book. This changed that. It was absolutely great getting to see things from her perspective, and learning a little bit more about where she came from– and, more importantly, the depth of the relationships that played out in the history of the original novel, but that we never got to see. Alva, Bertrand and Dar were all fantastic; I loved getting a real feel of who they were. After all, we got so little of them in River of No Return. Bertrand was the only one I had felt anything about in the original story, but we didn’t really know all that much about who he actually was. And now he makes so much more sense, I find.

I’m disappointed it was as short as it was, but oh my god was it worth it! I’m even more excited for the sequel now (was that possible?), and I’m even more attached to some of these characters.

Thank you, Ridgway, for making me like the characters I hadn’t been sure about before! I can’t wait for more.

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