Free Comic Book Day


Good afternoon everyone!  It’s Free Comic Book Day today, so if your local shop is still open and you haven’t gone yet, you should definitely pay a visit. You can find which comics are being offered this year online. I’m heading out in costume to the big city for the day, because why not! (Yes, the above photo is me.)

In honour of the day, I’ll be doing a quick recommendation post for my favourite graphic novels. I’m mostly in a niche when it comes to comic reading, but here are a few I’ve really loved!

  1. Bombshells Vol 1: Enlisted by Marguerite Bennett and Marguerite Sauvage – this one makes the top for a few reasons, and perhaps unsurprisingly given my costume choice for the day. For a comic that sprung out of a series of pinups, it’s an extremely charming comic. Well-written and well-illustrated, it’s a joy to read. I’ll probably do a proper review of it later next week.
  2. Batgirl Vol 1: Batgirl Rising by Bryan Miller et al. – Stephanie Brown as a character is extremely important to me. She represents a lot: hope, optimism and second chances. She is the character that got me into comic reading and she is full of charm and energy that makes any of her books a fun read and a great introduction to comics.
  3. She-Hulk Vol 1: Single Green Female by Dan Slott and Juan Bobillo – the only Marvel book to make the list, Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, is a more than deserving character. Fun and intelligent, both the character and the comic are wildly entertaining and defy the genre. Admittedly, this one’s involvement with the law holds a special place in my heart.
  4. Wonder Woman Vol 7: Contagion by Gail Simone et al. – at least one Wonder Woman book had to make it to this list!  While this entire run by Gail Simone is wonderful, this particular volume was particularly memorable to me. Adding a dash of sci-fi is always a way to win my heart, but it was also a book that included interesting conflicts and villains and some great moments for Diana herself.
  5. Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee et al. – while I’m more a fan of Batman’s supporting characters than ters than the man himself, this was an engaging story by a great writer. The villain is compelling and dangerous without being over the top. Any of the Hush follow up books are worth checking out.

Picking five books was hard, but I wanted to cut it off there. If you want to check out some of my other favourites, feel free to look at my comics shelf on Goodreads.


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