Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

I received a copy of Dark Matter by Blake Crouch from NetGalley for the purposes of review. Find the review below!


This is a three star book to me, but I’m not entirely sure what to say.

As many reviewers have already indicated, how much you say should be carefully tempered in order to avoid spoiling the fun. There are a few twists and turns right from the start of the book, and so saying much more of what’s going on than what’s in the publisher’s blurb is self-defeating, making reading it less worth it. As a result, I’m going to focus on what I thought of it as opposed to particular elements of the book.

And unfortunately, I’m feeling it’s been mostly overrated so far.

Obviously, as I’m giving this three stars, I didn’t hate it or anything, and it was an entertaining enough read. But when I say that spoiling the book would make it not worth it, it’s barely worth it as it is. If you think you might enjoy it, go for it. If you are more into the sci-fi adventure than the mind bending thriller, absolutely go for it.

But the twists weren’t all that shocking–in some cases predictable–and much of the climax was… okay, a little anticlimactic; I kept expecting more. This, compared to the very spooky start of the book, was a little disappointing. Not to mention an unanswered question or two (and not in the good ‘ooh I wonder’ way but in the bad ‘are we really not addressing this?’ way).

Still, it was entertaining enough and so I think I’m keeping it at three stars instead of two. But ultimately there isn’t a lot of meat to the book, and while some parts are very good, much of it was mediocre.

Unfortunately, Crouch might be suffering from the inevitable comparisons to Pines et al. You go in expecting a rollicking mind-bending mystery, from his rep alone, and you get a reasonably solid adventure instead. It’s not a bad book, but it didn’t live up to the (partially self-induced) hype, either.

My verdict? Give it a shot, but don’t set your standards too high.

A truncated version of this review can also be found on Goodreads.


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